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Standard Terms:

Terms & Condition of Admission to Landmark Forest Adventure Park, Carrbridge. Visitor Centres Ltd operators of Landmark Forest Adventure Park (“Landmark” and “the Park”) place great importance on the safety of its visitors and ask that the high standards set are complied with by all persons in the Park. It is a condition of entry to the Park that visitors comply with the park policies and regulations which follow.

For your safety and security CCTV is in operation throughout the Park. All persons entering the Park are admitted subject to the following park regulations. Any person who does not comply with these regulations may be removed from the Park by either Park staff or police officers.

  • Whilst inside the Park all visitors must comply with any instructions given to them by Landmark staff or their representatives.
  • Landmark reserves the right to refuse entry to the Park in the event that the capacity for visitors at the Park is reached and/or exceeded.
  • Landmark reserves the right to refuse admission to the Park, ban from entry to the Park, or remove from the Park without right to refund any person at our absolute discretion and with no reason given or stated. This includes the following reasons but this is not an exhaustive list:

Anyone who acts in an inappropriate manner or misbehaves in anyway (any such behaviour will be determined at Landmark’s absolute discretion).

Anyone whose behaviour is likely to have an adverse effect on the their own safety and/or the safety and enjoyment of other visitors or staff.

  • If a person is excluded from the park for any reason, and he/she is a
    member of a group, then that group will have absolute responsibility for
    the person after removal from the park.
  • For the avoidance of any doubt, pre-booked tickets are non-refundable in the event that admission is refused.
  • All persons entering the Park must pay for admission or hold a valid admission ticket.
  • All visitors must obtain an appropriate hand stamp, which must be shown at the time of re-entry to gain access to the Park and or Bamboozeleum.
  • Admission tickets must be retained for inspection at all times while in the park or at the time of readmission.
  • All tickets are non-transferable.
  • Landmark reserves the right to refuse the exchange or refund of any admission tickets .
  • No child or children under the age of 15 will be admitted to the Park unless they are accompanied by an adult, who shall be 18 years or over.
  • Any child or children whilst in the Park must be under the control and close supervision of an adult at all times.
  • Well behaved, strictly controlled and supervised dogs are admitted to the Park on condition that they remain at all times on a lead and do not in any way cause nuisance. The person(s) in charge of any dog must clear up any waste left by the dog.
  • Landmark reserves the right to eject dogs and owners/supervisors without recompense if conditions referred to in regulation 13 are breached.
  • It is prohibited to bring into the Park any objects that can be regarded as offensive, cause injury or annoyance (this includes weapons, fireworks, whistles, musical instruments, radios or sound producing electronic devices, or items designed for throwing – this list is not exhaustive) Any person found to be in possession of any such article may be asked to desist or immediately be escorted from the Park without the right to refund and may be open to prosecution.
  • The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in the restaurant. Alcohol may not be taken into the Park. Any persons found possessing alcohol, or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol may be refused admission to the Park or escorted from the Park without right to refund.
  • Landmark will always try to ensure that as many rides and attractions as possible are open but reserve the right at it’s discretion to close all, any or part of any attraction or to alter the Park’s operating hours for reasons of: technical breakdown, security, safety, capacity, weather, special events or functions – this list is not exhaustive.
  • All facilities must only be used in accordance with the operator’s instructions.
  • Unnecessary noise, (such as that from the use of radio sets, mobile phones, video cameras and other electrical equipment) or any behaviour likely to cause annoyance to other visitors or confusion of any kind is not permitted in any part of the Park.
  • Only persons authorised by Landmark are permitted to sell or offer for sale any items within the Park. No vehicles are permitted to remain in the Car Parks for more than two hours after the Park’s closing time without the prior express permission of the manager.
  • Any person or vehicle found in breach of regulation 21 will be deemed to be trespassing and appropriate action may be taken which may include the clamping and/or the removal of the vehicle.
  • Landmark accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage or trauma arising from any incident occurring within the Park which is outwith our direct control.
  • On occasion Landmark takes films and photographs within the Park which may feature visitors. By entering the Park you accept that Landmark may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with Landmark or our authorised third party.
  • You also agree to all photography/filming restrictions Landmark may put in place from time to time whilst within the Park.
  • Smoking is only permitted in allocated places within the park – these are way-marked and appear on the park plan.
  • Landmark accepts no liability for the loss or damage to any visitors’ property which is brought into the park – for clarity all such property is brought into the Park at the owner’s sole risk.
  • Sensible clothing and footwear must be worn at all times when in and about the Park. Please note that for health and safety reasons shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. People wearing clothing featuring offensive messages or which is deemed too revealing or offensive in any other way will be asked to cover up, remove the offensive item or leave the Park. We would request that Football colours are not worn within the Park.
  • A Season Membership card remains the property of Landmark Forest Adventure Park and can be withdrawn at any time. Access may be denied to the Attraction in the event of fraud or misuse, and the Pass can be withdrawn from any person whose conduct is deemed to be inappropriate at the absolute discretion of the management. Other conditions apply.
  • Landmark reserves the right alter these terms and conditions and to add any other terms and conditions as may be regarded as necessary at any time.

These regulations are for the benefit of all visitors and will be strictly enforced.


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